Rock Radio Stations

Some of Rock Radio Stations on Tuned FM

Radio Ton

Radio Ton ist das größte Regionalsender-Network Baden-Württembergs. Mit Sendestudios in Heilbronn, Aalen und Reutlingen sind wir immer „ganz nahe“ bei unseren Hörern. Rock & Pop der letzten 4 Jahrzehnte, Schwerpunkt 80er Jahre.


Rock Radio

Yes, we are here instead of a morning razor for him and coffee for her. Because we shave and energize all day and every day. Because we want to shake and shake. As rock crawls under our skin, it stays there and complements us. When we need it, it pulls us out of the abyss of trouble and lifts us above the clouds as life overtakes us. It reminds us of the first supersonic party, the first broken heart, the events that mean something in life. A good refrain and a good solo are just a few, so we want to get together with you as much as possible and find yourself in the expanses of authentic guitar music. And at the same time, experience new moments that we will take with us. Rock on!


Radio Shadow Rock Mix

We're playing adult album alternative music from the 80s to today with a splash of classic rock. Clean, punchy, professional audio.... and no commercials. Bonus!

Sonora Classic Rock - Hard & Metal

Mexico #1 Rock Station


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